How to choose aluminium alloy glass door for aluminium alloy door? 0

Aluminum alloy glass door has super corrosion resistance, moisture-proof, mildew proof, non deformation, clean and so on. It is the first choice for bathroom door and kitchen door. Then, how to choose aluminum alloy glass door? Is aluminum alloy glass door expensive? Let’s take a look at it. Brief introduction of aluminium alloy glass door […]

How to apply the glass door membrane sticking method? 0

As a new type of energy-saving building materials, glass film with heat insulation, thermal insulation, safety explosion-proof, anti UV, anti glare glare, easy to create private space, enhance the visual effect, several advantages of high temperature fire resistance. Then, how to paste the glass door membrane? Next, let’s take a look at the glass door […]

The principle of induction door glass door sensors principle 0

We have always said induction door is electric induction door, glass door sensors and electronic induction door, collectively, these different induction induction door the same principle? The next Xiaobian to introduce the knowledge of dynamic electric induction door: door principle, electronic door sensors and glass door sensors principle principle. The principle of induction: induction door […]

Living room hanging picture what exquisite, living room hanging painting, choose 0

The living room is the main place for Home Furnishing life, is the most eye-catching, hanging painting the living room not only affects the harmony of the family, and for Home Furnishing masters, but also directly reflects the owner’s taste Home Furnishing. A lot of people will ask, the living room hanging picture what exquisite? […]

Tips for life: how to effectively reduce the radiation damage of home appliances 0

1., do not let electrical appliances together Some friends like to put household appliances together and think it is very convenient to use. But household appliances are too concentrated or often used together, exposing themselves to the dangers of excessive doses of radiation. Especially television, computers, refrigerators and other appliances are not concentrated in the […]

How to install glass door glass door maintenance knowledge 0

The installation of glass door can be divided into frameless glass door installation and all glass door installation, two different types of glass door installation method. Frameless glass doors are fitted with an open glass door, each of which uses two or three rotating shafts to secure the glass door and keeps the glass door […]

Breakfast machine brand ten, ranked 0

Breakfast machines are machines that combine different kinds of gadgets into a large machine to make a tasty breakfast. Now the market has many breakfast machine brand rankings, so many consumers don’t know how to choose, the following Xiaobian briefly introduced breakfast machine brand top ten. NO.1 Galanz breakfast machine Galanz Mini “ breakfast companion […]

Art glass door type art glass door price art glass door choose 0

Art glass doors are made of art glass. Art glass door with its special artistic characteristics, color and style are consistent with people’s aesthetic view. Therefore, it has been favored by the vast numbers of consumers. Art glass door types and materials increasingly rich, and its range of application is more and more widely, mainly […]