2016, the ceramic industry situation is grim, the 5 major methods to crack the dilemma

[] the ceramic industry in China’s national economy occupies an important position, ceramic production has consecutive years ranked first in the world, but in the ceramic industry growing at the same time, China ceramic industry has become an increasingly prominent problem.
Uneven distribution of the 1. industries, uneven production areas, imbalance between production and marketing
Ceramics industry has obvious regional characteristics, currently mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Jiangxi, Shandong, Fujian and other provinces. These areas, the ceramic industry is strong foundation, complete system, affecting the radiation range, providing many jobs, has become a traditional pillar of the local industry, and make great contributions to the local economic construction. At the same time, the ceramic enterprises part of the excessive concentration of the phenomenon, as the business continues to expand, expanding production lines, expanding the total production, resulting in serious excess capacity, loss of balance between supply and demand, the region also caused serious pollution, resource depletion problems faced. While the northwest, northeast, Inner Mongolia and other areas are limited, the overall economic level, despite the advantages of resources, but the overall level of ceramic industry behind, can develop a huge space.
2., serious environmental pollution, high energy consumption, excessive exploitation of clay resources
The ceramic industry itself is a high energy consumption and high pollution industry. In the process of production, a large amount of mineral resources and energy are consumed. The waste gas, waste water, waste residue and dust produced by the ceramics industry cause serious environmental pollution. In some ceramic industry with high density and developed economy, the ceramic industry is seriously polluting the air, land and other environment. In many places, over exploitation of non renewable mineral resources has greatly destroyed the ecological environment, and the recycling of ceramic waste is basically blank. In recent years, with the enhancement of environmental protection consciousness of the whole society, the Chinese government issued a series of policies and measures to increase energy saving and emission reduction efforts, the local government to formulate appropriate laws and regulations, pollution remediation industry, ceramic industry is facing severe challenges of resources, energy and environmental issues.
3., the industry profit level is low, and the products are low quality and serious
Although China is a big country in ceramic production, it is not a powerful country. The products are mainly medium and low, the added value is lower, and the price is not high in the international market. Ceramic overcapacity, oversupply, enterprises compete for the market, competing to lower prices, industry profit levels continue to decline. The enterprise lacks the ability of independent innovation, and the product homogeneity is serious, and the competitiveness of the international market is not strong.
Faced with the grim situation in the industry, ceramic enterprises should go from here?
Brand positioning tends to high-end
Some ceramics in the low-end brands, by the price advantage of quantity, indeed also won many buyers. But this really doesn’t last long. Now many middle class people like to buy high-end products. Therefore, the overall trend, the high-end positioning of the brand, the product itself high-end quality, are irresistible trend.
Intelligent charm ceramic industry
Although the pace of intelligence is slow, it is full of allure and imagination. It can be said that as long as a little more mature technology smart selling point, the price is also very expensive, products can sell better, ceramic enterprises in the future will be able to share a cup of soup from the field of intelligence.
Environmental protection will gradually seep into the ceramic industry
On environmental protection, the national policy in promoting the enterprise, also in practice, while the consumption end more emphasis on environmental protection, especially the kitchen ceramic products, whether the standards of environmental protection, how to control the harmful substances, consumers are very seriously.
Net fire will burn more prosperous
It is common to obtain ceramic brand and product information via the Internet, mobile phones, PDAs and other channels. Understand the information mainly through the search, the ceramic enterprise official website, micro-blog, such as a news portal, Home Furnishing; while shopping mainly with the major electricity supplier platform, such as Tao Bao, Tian cat; some will work with the Internet financial companies, such as easy to become sunrise Jiezhuang business cooperation stage. Predictably, OCs are an inevitable trend.
Personalized custom craze sweeping the furniture industry
Now the demand is diversified, hobby is widespread, and are willing to spend energy to meet and achieve, such as ceramic, products can be bought before, but now do not look in the finished product, choose custom, let enterprises according to their own kitchen, decoration style and personal requirements of modeling, color, individual production.

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