2016 integrated ceiling how to find a piece of their own “blue ocean” market?”

[2016] integrated ceiling product positioning and development direction, innovation, R & D is the current leading direction of integrated ceiling enterprises. At present, the integrated ceiling manufacturers are generally faced with the serious problem of homogenization, the integrated ceiling brand in the product category, brand strategy, user experience and business model are concentrated in a narrow range, you copy me, I like you such a chaotic situation, leading to the integrated ceiling Market competition. In such an imitation industry, enterprises need to constantly innovate, continue to research and development, out of their own landscape.
And an enterprise’s products, in order to have a stronger vitality, higher market premium capacity, it must be different, only the road to differentiation can form a section, so that competitors can not follow. Especially when the whole industry temporarily into low tide period, how to get rid of this low level of competition, to find their own piece of blue ocean market as soon as possible “ ” it has been an integrated ceiling enterprises the most urgent problems.
First, product positioning, take the differentiation route
In the product differentiation aspect, the enterprise should follow 16 characters rule: the human does not have me: others do not have, I have, this usually is opens the innovation category. People have me: you have, I do better than you, this is usually to improve performance or cost performance. People are new to me: you did a good job, I will pay attention to innovation, I continue to introduce new, this is usually a product upgrading or promotion of new products. When people are new to me: you are also innovative, push new, and I may turn to do it, which is usually a product diversification or diversification of business units.
Two, establish a complete product concept, and create product innovation
In order to enhance the competitiveness of the product, to avoid being peer, especially large enterprises “ squeeze ” or “ slaughter ” fate, we must dig or find their own differentiation. Then, first of all, to achieve the core product: what is the core product, mainly refers to the function of products, such as beverages can quench thirst, then the content of drinks is the core products. Followed by tangible products: mainly refers to the product’s internal and external packaging, such as the outer packing box, inner bag, etc. These are tangible products. Finally, the extension of product innovation: some are called additional products, such as brand, culture, service and so on, we must constantly innovate.
Three, the implementation of product differentiation strategy
First, packaging differentiation. Looking for product differentiation, you can first start from the outer packing, the packaging can give people the most direct feelings.
Second, positioning differentiation. An enterprise can not be high enough visibility, nor can it be high enough to share, but for their own brands and products can not be without a clear positioning. Enterprises must find their own space for survival and development through the differentiation of positioning.
No product can satisfy all consumers, you must locate the low-end, you must give up the high-end, fish and bear’s paw can not have both, so, you must locate the high-end, it is necessary to abandon the low-end products to the brand, only to find good positioning, their own strengths, and focus, seize their own territory.
Third, product differentiation. In product differentiation, from the technical level: you can also tap the product differentiation; from the function can meet the aspirations of different groups; from the fashion elements, you can create a distinctive brand awareness.
Fourth, new products, new ideas into the strategy
One is new, the enterprise must through continuous innovation to meet the needs of various customers and distributors. New products, new sales, new sales growth and new profit breakthrough. Therefore, enterprises can create a differentiation from the introduction of new products and new brand concepts.

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